House AS

A small volume of wood that wants to declare its presence silently without affecting the shape and proportions of a

historic building dating back to 1815, where the symmetry is the main element of the facade.

This is the key point of the project for Mr. Alessandro Scordino Mrs Ilaria Palmosi located in Dolo, Venice.

In 2012, the clients, in tenure of a historic building located in proximity of the Riviera del Brenta restored in the early

2000s, felt the need to expand the area of the house.

The body of the entire building is divided into 2 units and it is characterized by a strong symmetry, a typical characteristic of the Venetian buildings from the 17th century.

The extension wants to preserve the identity of the historical building declaring its distinctiveness through a new pure volume in order not create a fabrication of history.

The structure is made of X-lam, isolated and externally covered with Siberian larch wooden slats, which over time will tend to gray.

The addition of the new volume on the first floor comprises of two 2 rooms (a bedroom and a small study room) for the

daily life of the family.

year: 2014

status: completed