Factory of sport 

The building sprouts from the fields and sets silently in the rural context with no will to impose its presence. Its skin, rough and wrinkled as clods and farmers hands, has the same, homogeneous color of Po Valley’s soil. The volumes composition refers to the existing background, preserving the typical rural-building marks and emphasizing territory elements as mill run and tree-rows. The alternation of natural and “contemporary” elements is the project strong point: simple shapes boldly integrate in the countryside; the plan is not meant to be a mere, visionary research but a study on the future, starting from the present context.

“We should consider all the existing (…) because nothing can be excluded from reality (…) All aspects of reality (…) should be integrated in the project” (Alvaro Siza)

The project also refers to memory-processes, being its concept so deep-seated on the past; the architectural plan sounds genuine and reassuring because it is speaking for what it truly is: reprocessing and synthesis of experiences and images, recorded in memories. Little, proportioned elements also help to relate the building to the context: their essential, horizontal shape connect them to the ground, their low profile evokes the rural plains all around. Through the precious breaches the countryside shows itself, as if a big eye was open to the infinite view and the soul of the building would show itself to others, becoming a point of reference, a lantern immersed in the fields.

year: 2009 2nd prize